Fame is a Bitch

AJ Benza: Fame is a Bitch

"Fame is a Bitch" with AJ Benza, deconstructs some of the biggest scandals and tragedies of our lifetime. These stories are about the powerful seduction and fateful grip of fame. Our tragic figures are those that couldn't fight off the influences, pressures, and distractions that worked like grease upon their grip. Benza brings an insiders perspective and his tough-guy demeanor, bold narratives and aggressive pursuit of the truth, distinguish him as an authentic and original voice. AJ knows as well as anyone that "Fame is a Bitch."

Episodes: 201


Nothing From Nothing

Duration: 33 min

Jet Boy Jet Girl

Duration: 25 min

Dance, Dance, Dance

Duration: 26 min

Good Times

Duration: 26 min

Insane In The Brain

Duration: 32 min

To Live And Die in L.A.

Duration: 34 min

Cats In The Cradle

Duration: 32 min

Fist City

Duration: 37 min

Smoke On The Water

Duration: 27 min

Dream A Little Dream

Duration: 30 min

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