Jake Blakeney and Justin Woods

Better Wine Project S4E02 - On the Road Again

Better Wine Project S4E02 - On the Road Again

When the first recording of this episode tragically disappeared, we had to head down the the Better Wine Cellar to record it again. It lacks the magic of road noise since the original was recorded in the truck on the highway, but we think it’s a pretty good conversation anyway. Jake, Justin and special guest, Nate talk about their adventures on the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore trail. Also, our thoughts taking sleeping bags out of compression sacks as a comparison to the birthing process...and an unfair stereotype of midwives. Crossed the Mighty Mackinaw Bridge by 6:30am, and promptly stopped for some chow at the St. Ignace Truck Stop. Podcast recording in the Mobile Better Wine Cellar…wait, maybe that’s not a good name for it. Justin (AKA Gray Beard) at Log Slide. Tough to tell from the pic, but those waves were at least 10 footers, if not closer to 15. Anyone need an Uber? Curators of the Better Wine Project? I suppose. Brothers from other mothers? Definitely. Grand Portal Point. Jimbo. 50% fact…50% fiction…100% crazy shuttle driver from Munising to Grand Marais.

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