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12. Zombie Nuclear Power Plant: TVA’s Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

12. Zombie Nuclear Power Plant: TVA’s Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

Garry Morgan is one of the founding members of Bellefonte Efficiency & Sustainability Team or BEST for short and local expert of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). We talk about the background and structure of the TVA, who provide electricity for 10 million people in parts of 7 southeastern states. We discuss TVA’s relationship with nuclear and then specifically their Bellefonte Nuclear Plant located in Hollywood, AL. It has been named the “Zombie Nuclear Power Plant” because it keeps coming back to life. TVA built this 5 billion dollar nuclear plant, realized economics wouldn't work out, stopped construction, sold parts, and now a couple years later is trying to sell it to Franklin Haney of Nuclear Development LLC who wants to run it as a functioning nuclear plant. We talk about what the BEST chapter did and is still doing to fight against this and what can be done with the plant now. Contact and connect with Garry: Learn more about the BEST chapter: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA): Bellefonte Nuclear Plant: Articles on the Zombie Bellefonte Nuclear Plant: Learn more about what’s happening with Bellefonte: Stay up to date on what happens with Bellefonte:  Background Music Credits:

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