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#002 - F-35 Pilot Maj Matt "Fitty" Tucker

#002 - F-35 Pilot Maj Matt "Fitty" Tucker

From fighting ISIS in Afghanistan to instructing in the F-35,  “Fifty” talks about his journey in the Air Force.  This episode covers everything from his initial medical disqualification to flying the most advanced fighter ever built.  Also, we hit on why the F-35 evolution of the F-35, bad press, and how it is not a replacement for the A-10. 00:40 – Episode Sample 01:20 – for more content 02:40 – Sponsor 03:30 – Intro 05:40 – F-35 training and community 13:25 – F-16 to F-35 transition 15:00 – Fighting in the F-35 17:20 – F-16 Deployment to Afghanistan 22:40 – Going from calm to the firestorm 24:00 – Alert in the F-16 26:50 – How do you orient in dynamic and stressful situations 31:45 – Troops in contact 38:40 – Question for “Fifty”

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