A Good Attitude is Everything with Angela Braniff

A Good Attitude is Everything with Angela Braniff

When life starts to feel out of control (and it will) there's one thing we can control and that's our ATTITUDE. We'll be honest this hasn't been a good week for us. It's honestly one of those blah / meh weeks and we're going to share why. Did we mention we started potty training this week? Thankfully Angela Braniff is the medicine we need today! Angela is a mom of 8, author, the founder of This Gathered Nest YouTube channel and she's here to share her perspective on how to make the most of each day with the right attitude. Her new book Love Without Bordersis encouraging women and mothers to embrace the unique purpose that God has put in their lives. We pray this episode will brighten your week and bless you in some way! Don't forget to rate + review us.  P.S. Don't forget to check out some of those discount hookups from today's show. Love you fam! Thanks to our sponsors: Best Fiends= Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play . BlenderBombs= Go to Blenderbombs.com and receive 20% off your first order by using the code SAZAN at checkout.  Good Wipes= Go to goodwipes.com to check them out and usecode SAZAN for 15% off of your order!   Caldrea= Get free shipping on orders of $50 or more when youbuy online at Caldrea.com   La Croix Sparkling Water= Enjoy LaCroix Sparkling Water, a healthier alternative for you and your lifestyle.  

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