Ben Hamm

111. La Casper: On The Streets

111. La Casper: On The Streets

Maria made hard choices to fix her young life. It’s a tale of gangs, drive-bys and an El Camino.  In pictures:  A map of the territory Maria's gang claimed.  Also the Jack-in-the-Box burger joint that was Maria and S's HQ and source of sustenance.  And a picture of Maria today, her face obscured.    The pictures are waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Handle: @secretroompod. DIPSEA Get a 30 day free trial when you go to FEALSBecome a member at and you'll get 50% off your first order with free shipping.   SECRET ROOM | UNLOCKED 111Extra pictures and your calls, but only if you call now. 929-265-TSRP.  Also hear a couple parts of the interview that Ben, shall we say, manufactured...just to help the story along! The Secret Room | Unlocked is available exclusively on when you support. FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUP  Join our fan run Facebook Discussion Page!  Just ask to join, all are welcome. :) ALL OUR SPONSORS  See all our sponsors and their offers: PODCAST TEAM  Producers: Susie Lark. Shadow Producer: Kym Lewis. Sound Engineer: Chet.  Music and Theme: Breakmaster Cylinder. YOUR SECRET  Do you have an mysterious secret to share?  Click "Share a secret" at LISTENER SURVEY Take our Listener Survey at!!  

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