Ben Hamm

113. Too Much Butt!

113. Too Much Butt!

Kris started a business 12 years ago with her ex. It’s a venture she can’t tell her husband about!     PICTURES See pictures of Kris and her butt, with her ex and at her wedding!   The pictures are waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Handle: @secretroompod.  SECRET ROOM | UNLOCKED 113Hear what became of Kris' ex after the story.  It will leave you astounded!  Also an edited portion of the interview that Ben is sure to be roasted for mercilessly in our Facebook Discussion Group. How could he do that!? Support your favorite indie podcast that could with a membership at when you support.  In thanks you'll receive a subscription to our companion podcast: The Secret Room | Unlocked.  ALL OUR SPONSORS  It's a tough time for business, so we bring you this show ad free.  But you can see all our sponsors and their offers, many of which are STILL valid: FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUP  Join our fan run Facebook Discussion Page!  Just ask to join, all are welcome. :) PODCAST TEAM  Producers: Susie Lark. Shadow Producers: Marcella Halverson and LeeAnn Bell Howe. Sound Engineer: Chet.  Music and Theme: Breakmaster Cylinder. YOUR SECRET  Do you have a bellicose secret to share?  Click "Share a secret" at LISTENER SURVEY Take our Listener Survey at!

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