Ritchie Collins

Ritchie Collins

Ritchie Collins went missing in early 2019. The exact date of his disappearance is currently unknown. A neighbor reported seeing him at his home in Bellingham, WA but the exact date on that is fuzzy. However, he had not texted anyone since March of 2019. Ritchie has been described by those who knew him best as a loner, so it would not be uncommon for a few days or even weeks to go by without hearing from him. Ritchie’s family had been trying to get ahold of him for weeks but then on April 30th, Ritchie’s car was found parked at the Colonial Creek Campground at North Cascades National Park. The keys to his car were on top of the vehicle. According to a park ranger, the vehicle had been there for weeks. The park where Ritchie’s car was located is filled with trails that stretch for seemingly endless miles. So far, after extensive searches, no sign of Ritchie has been found. As they began looking closer at the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Ritchie Collins, they discovered numerous bizarre clues that don't add up to any one single conclusion.If anyone has information regarding the whereabouts of Ritchie Collins, you are urged to contact Detective Ken Gates at 360-778-6613.This episode was co-researched and written by Marissa Jones and Erika Gwynn. To find more of Erika's work, please check out her podcast at https://www.apexandabyss.com.This episode was sponsored by:Sleep Number- You’ll only find Sleep Number at one of their 600 Sleep Number stores nationwide. Visit sleepnumber.com/VANISH find the one nearest you.Worthy- Go to worthy.com/VANISHED to get started.You can find new episodes of The Vanished, completely ad-free, only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to stitcherpremium.com/wondery and use promo code WONDERY.

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